Centrala pellet Maximus 150-300 KW

Centrala pellet Maximus 150-300 KW

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The maximus boiler is a result of distinguished innovation. A
stepping grate ensures the seamless firing of the fuel conveyed
into the combustion chamber. This enables the boiler to process
a wide range of fuels, such as pellets or wood chips, with
outstanding efficiency and low emissions. Combustion chamber
temperature monitoring and integrated flue gas recirculation ensure
a steady combustion of fuel materials of varying qualities
while preserving the boiler’s service life. An electrostatic dust filter
is used to clean the exhaust gases. The filter is automatically
cleaned in regular intervals. Both technologies come as standard
equipment. The ID fan with EC motor and a lambda sensor
ensure an efficient and clean combustion at both full and partial
load operations. The large 7’’ ecomanager-touch control unit
combines all boiler control functions in one convenient user interface.
The controls can also be mirrored on a smartphone, PC
and tablet computer using a VNC server or a smartphone app.

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